3rd Franco-Japanese Developmental Biology meeting

7-10th November 2022 – Strasbourg (France)

I have been working with the SFBD (Société Française de Biologie du Développement) to define the visual identity of the 3rd Franco-Japanese Developmental Biology Meeting. The idea was to show the difference from the poster by combining Developmental Biology with the Japan and the city of Strasbourg in an original and artistic way. I have also created the display panels and the illustrations have been used for the website of the event. Developmental biology discovery workshops were also organized. I have been involved in the creation of the panels for the high school students’ workshops. Finally I have created the illustrations for the games to discover the developmental biology of the very young.

Personal Growth Meeting

8-9th October 2022 – Chalon-Sur-Saône (France)

I have been working with the company “Bulle de Soi” to develop the poster for their 1st Personal Growth meeting. I have created the flyers and the communication supports for social networks.