Illustration for the 10 years lab celebration of Sophie Polo’s group

Epigenetics and Cell Fate Centre, Université Paris-Cité (France)

This illustration has been created for the 10 years celebration of Sophie Polo’s group. The composition of this painting has been thought all together with the team to include the main research topic “chromatin plasticity in response to DNA damage” combined with hobbies and preferences of all the lab members: chocolate, cycling, climbing, and animals!

Website of Marco Ostwalder’s group

University of Bern (Switzerland)

Those illustrations are on the website of Pr. Marco Ostwerwalder’s lab. The heart is used as a background on the homepage to illustrate the research topic: Genetics & Cardiac Development. The books drawing is used on the background of the publications page.

PhD Thesis Cover of Dr. Guillaume Tournaire

University of Leuven (Belgium)

I have illustrated the cover of the PhD Thesis from Dr. Guillaume Touraine. He has defending his PhD work on ‘Targeting skeletal stem cell metabolism to optimize bone regeneration strategies’.