About Me.

Julie Gamart, PhD

As you, I am a Scientist. During my career path, I have realized how research communication is essential and how illustrations can make it stronger. I have been drawing since I was a child, so illustrating my own figures or schemes seemed natural to me. Having a lot of positive feedback, I then created J.Gam’ART where I offer an illustration service for scientists.
I can use and combine several hand-drawn or digital illustration techniques, I like to translate a scientific message into an accurate and informative illustration that matches the client’s taste and preferences.

My Career Path.

2009 – 2011: Bachelor degree “Cell Biology and Physiology”, University of Lille (USTL, France).

2011 – 2013: Master degree “Magistère Européen de Génétique”, University of Paris 7 (France).

2012: Research Internship at the University of New York (NYU Langone Health, USA).

2013: Master thesis: Laboratory of Pr. Frédéric Relaix, Institut of Myology, Paris (France). Supervisor: Dr. Vanessa Ribes.

2013 – 2017: PhD in Developmental Biology, Laboratory of Pr. Rolf Zeller, University of Basel (Switzerland).

2017 – 2019: Postdoctoral Researcher, Laboratory of Pr. Rolf Zeller, University of Basel (Switzerland).

2020 – 2022: Lab manager, Laboratory of Pr. Marco Osterwalder, University of Bern (Switzerland)


More information.

Nationality: French

Current position: Freelance Scientific Illustrator, located in France (in Touraine).